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What is the difference between wood slats and composite slats?

Wood slats offer “natural beauty”. However, the beauty may be short lived if not maintained regularly. Composite slats have the look and feel of real wood, however they don’t require any painting, staining or oiling.

What should I treat my wood slats with and how often should I treat them?

To keep the natural look, we have always recommended keeping it simple with linseed oil thinned out with a little bit of paint thinner (The color of your slats will darken slightly). Your local hardware/paint store will also offer similar deck protectants that include a UV protectant. Depending on how much sun exposure your gate receives, we recommend treating your natural wood slats annually or bi-annually.

My gate looks oxidized and faded. How do you recommend cleaning my powder coated gate frame?

We have found that spraying WD40 onto a micro-fiber rag and wiping down the entire gate works best. Yes, WD40. Try it and you’ll love it too!

My gate is not a standard size. What will I need to have done?

Not a problem! All of our gates are built custom per gate opening to ensure a perfect fit.

How do I make my gate to pool-code?

Each city has their own rules and regulations. It is best to check with your local Planning and Development Department to ensure the most up to date Pool Barrier Laws. The majority of cities in the Phoenix Metro Area, require the single gates to be 5’ minimum height, swing outward away from pool, self-closing, self-latching and lockable. Latches must be installed a minimum of 54” above ground.

My block column against the house has pulled away and now my gate doesn’t fit. What can be done?

This is actually a common problem; especially in the “East Valley” due to the expansive soils where farmers had previously tilled the land. If the block column isn’t wobbly, it is possible that the foundation has only settled and doesn’t need replacement. If your gate is in good shape, it may be worth modifying it to fit the now smaller opening. Otherwise, it might be best to go with a new gate with adjustable hinges to avoid more problems in the future.

We currently have a small side gate and would like to turn it into an RV Gate. Can you do this?

Not a problem! Gates and masonry is one of our unique niches. No matter the shape and size, we can help!

If you're above ground, are you standing on top of the world?

Though it is a perplexing question, it’s all a matter of perspective.

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